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Cocktail Party at Treasure Beach

October 29, 2008

We got an invitation for a cocktail party at the the hotel yesterday. So we dressed up and went down to the pool area : ) It was maximum 15 people there! We were deeply involved with a conversation about, believe it or not, Caribbean, with the GM of the hotel. We quickly finished our drinks and left the big party : ) 


Monkey Buissnes

October 29, 2008

We saw a monkey hiding in the trees yesterday. What a cute, shaggy little creature. 

Surfing baby

October 29, 2008

We had our first surfing lesson yesterday. I didn’t really go that well, to be honest. It was very wavy where we were and I had very big problems staying on the board. Most of the time the board was over me, under me, next to me or me trying to catch it : ) It looks so easy to surf, you wait for the wave, you jump up on the board and then surf. Noop, not that easy for me. But I’m not giving up this easy. I will have another lesson this week and hopefully it will be better.

Johan, on the other hand, did really great. I was really impressed by him. Specially since he had a very rough start (because of me). I lost my board and suddenly Johan had to swim after it the same time as he was taking care of his own. The teacher wasn’t very helpful either, he was bizzy surfing on his own. I guess it’s not fun to surf with someone who never done it : )

View from our balcony

October 28, 2008

We have such a nice view from our balcony, it’s a small jungle outside here:

Sunset Beach

October 26, 2008

We went on a walk on the beach yesterday at sunset. It was so beautiful.


October 26, 2008

We took the bus to the capital Bridgetown yesterday. The bus was really hot, over-crowded and veery loud reggie music was on. When we arrived in Bridgetown it was raining so stayed inside shops most of the time. Then we went to Hilton to eat lunch. We decided to take a taxi home this time. We’ve had enough of crazy bus-rides for today. 


October 26, 2008

We’re finally in Barbados now. We’re staying at the small and cosy “Treasure Beach Hotel” in St James. The place is literally on the beach : ) We live very central and have very close to the restaurants in the area, shops, bars and much more.


The Sartorialist at Gant

October 26, 2008

Scott Schuman, also known as The Sartorialist, has together with Gant created a photographic exhibition at their flagship boutique on 5th Avenue. Since both me and Johan are obsessed with The Sartorialist, we went to have a look: 

Chicago at Broadway

October 22, 2008

We went to see Chicago Broadway yesterday but left after the first pause. We didn’t really like it. I think it started really well but got boring after a while. The girls was truly talented and beautiful though. 



Out in town a Sunday afternoon

October 22, 2008

Running around town and had a three hour wine-lunch : ) Best way to spend your sunday on.