Surfing baby

We had our first surfing lesson yesterday. I didn’t really go that well, to be honest. It was very wavy where we were and I had very big problems staying on the board. Most of the time the board was over me, under me, next to me or me trying to catch it : ) It looks so easy to surf, you wait for the wave, you jump up on the board and then surf. Noop, not that easy for me. But I’m not giving up this easy. I will have another lesson this week and hopefully it will be better.

Johan, on the other hand, did really great. I was really impressed by him. Specially since he had a very rough start (because of me). I lost my board and suddenly Johan had to swim after it the same time as he was taking care of his own. The teacher wasn’t very helpful either, he was bizzy surfing on his own. I guess it’s not fun to surf with someone who never done it : )


One Response to “Surfing baby”

  1. style2me Says:

    Oh I´m so jealous of your trip! Are you going to Dominican republic as well? I have been there twice to windsurf, to Cabarete – a small and cosy place for surfers,windsurfers and kiters – its great there (and very, very cheap)

    Good luck on your surfing. I tried it for the first time this easter, as there were no wind, but lots of waves, we went out early in the morning to surf. I thought it was really fun, and I actually got a hold of it quite fast (but the waves were extremely gentle, so it was easy). I guess you´re probably getting the hold of it now!! 🙂

    Its quite funny though, walking down to the beach with the surfboard under your arm, looking kinda cool, and then getting permanently washed the next hour on the water 😉 The walk back in out of the water, with mascara covering the whole face and the hair looking like a mess – its just not the same feeling as before you went out.. 🙂

    Enjoy your trip & surfing!

    – Kristine -style2me

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