Sky diving in Taupo

We arrived in Taupo thursday evening and friday during the day we met up with Ola and his class mates to drive to the airport to do the sky diving. I wasn’t nervous at all until we had to watch a movie about the sky dive. After that I was starting to swet and shake. Worst part was when the 10 of us had to get on the plane that would take us 12.000 feet up in the air. During the 20 minnutes we were in the airplane I was starting to really panic. But it wasn’t much to do when you’re secured fasten to another person.  I was the third person to jump out from the plane and when I saw the 2 before me jump out and quickly dissapere in heaven, I was really scared. My instructor was really calm and happy and explained over and over again that everything was going to be fun. Fun, ehh? So I jumped out, and in a half second the plane was gone and we were falling through the air. The actual fall took about 40 seconds and then we we’re flying around for a while till we finally landed.





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