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April 6, 2009

Hong-Kong is the next destination and the last one on the ‘around the world trip” list, unfortunately. Today is the last day in this city and I have pretty mixed feelings about going home. Positive because of the new adventures I have ahead and also to meet friends and family I missed so much during these months far, far away from home. On the other hand, I will miss the feeling that you have a new city to discover each week. A different culture to explore, new streets to walk on, new languages to confuse you, new smells to hit you and memories and experiences to add to “the story of my life”.

I only have good memories of Hong-Kong: great people, delicious food, long sittings at out-door bars sipping Bellini’s and just talk, laugh, talk…take a shopping break and just have fun, fun, fun…









Tokyo Fashion week

April 6, 2009

Since I work with fashion, Tokyo Fashion week was the highlight of the week. I had so much fun. I managed to arrange both press card and invitations to all the shows for myself and Johan, so after a quick meeting with the pr-manager we were set. The funniest thing was to actually attend the shows and discover japanese fashion on a deeper level. Running around town to different parts of the city to watch the catwalk models show off the latest trends was very inspiring but also stressful. And yes, we did sit front-row at one of the shows and the feeling was oh-so-good. We crashed into bed this day, exhausted and my feet was crying after being squeezed into my platforms a whole day.

If you want to read more about the shows we attended, check out the full reports at







A week in Tokyo…

April 6, 2009

can best be described as a huge culture chock. The first I ever got, to be honest. A city where english is rare, the food strange, snacks are dried fish and bones, the clothes is looking like a runway with all different kind of styles passing by. Pink, pink, pink on every girl and neon lights blinking everywhere. Please, let me know if you ever find a cleaner place, and I promise to do the same. Smoking is forbidden on the streets but you are allowed to quickly finnish your cigarette beside the few ashtrays in the corners. Hmm, did I forget something…Yes, I absolutely love this place. This is without any doubts the greatest city I ever been to and I’m absolutely sure I’ll be back here sometime. Shopping is expensive and you find ridiculous expensive things sometimes, like a melon for 200 Euro, yes 200 EURO. Tokyo is a very strange place, and that’s one of the wonderful things about this city. Pulse, life, colorful…everything is here..




And the new Iman…a geisha…