Nepali Yoga Woman Trust

In a small village in the middle of Nepal, you’ll find the city of Pokhara hidden between the Himalayan mountains. I’m currently on the lakeside with a stunning view of the amazingly beautiful lakes. Many people find their way here every year to do trekking, yoga, meditation and spiritual trips in the birth-land of Buddha. The reason I’m here is the Nepali Yoga Woman Trust where I’m gonna be volunteer working the coming months. Founder of the organization is Devika Gurung, a native nepali with many years of yoga, self-healing and spirituality experience. She started her own Yoga Center in Pokhara and is using a part of the profits to run the woman center where she is teaching and educating a group of Nepali ladies in different holistic therapies and handicrafts to be able to make them independent, empowered and get a little regular income. So if you’re in Nepal or are planning to get here, make sure to pop by Devika’s Yoga Center and help with a good cause at the same time.  She offers daily classes in yoga, meditation, self-healing but also arrange week-long and monthly stays.


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