At Devikas

When I’m not at the Women Center, I’m spending lots of time with Devika and whoever happens to hang out there : ) This is where I have my breakfast every morning and lunch. Me and Geert are the permanent ones here (apart from her family) but Marjo is a close friend to Devika and she pops by whenever she can.

Marjo and Devika

Our lunch: Daal Bat. We eat it every day! Always made by Dev’s mom. Always eat it with our hands. You learn how to eat rice with your fingers after some practice. It’s quite fun, like when you’re young. And you get to play around with the food on the plate. Always served on the same metallic plates, they are good for you 🙂 Can’t remember why..

Marjo & Geert.

Devika on her bike. I love to run errands with her. She drives like a man! Amazing.


One Response to “At Devikas”

  1. hager Says:

    Hej! Va kul att du har börjat blogga igen, är juh lite svårt att följa dig…
    Saknar dig sis! love you, puss!!

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