Me & the boys went up to Sarangkot to have a “close to nature-weekend” and the plan was to sleep outside. I haven’t really done it before unless you count a drunken camping night with my high-school class. I bought a sleeping bag and a small back-pack (didn’t own neither of these things) and off we went. When we arrived, much later than we planned, it was dark and raining and we didn’t have a tent, so the solution was to camp in a guest-house the first night. We slept on the floor of the single guest-house room and had picnic there.

We woke up early next morning to stroll around and admire the view of the Annapurna mountains.

We decided to stay another evening and this time we found a good spot and prayed for a rain-free eve. We made a fire and watched the sunset.

Woke up with a cold after freezing like crazy the whole night. The sleeping-bag is suppose to cover up to -15 degrees of cold, but I doubt it did. Sun-rise was if possible even more amazing than the sun-set.


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