Coming to this teaching is one of the best decisions I’ve ever done. Just stepping in to the monastery that first day did something with me. I can’t really describe it but it’s a magical place so no wonder magic is happening here. Yesterday I took refuge in the buddha, the dharma and the Sangha. I had a small ceremony with the Lama and Nora was with. She’s the one who’s really been holding my hand all the way through this.There was a ritual where the Rinpoche cut off a piece of my hair, I had to repeat the vows, a mantra in Tibetan and then I was welcomed to the Buddhistic path and I received my dharma name. Lots of tears afterwards but I also felt very protected and a feeling of coming home.

Last day of the teaching all the practitioners was invited for lunch at one of the Benchen Monasteries one hour from Kathmandu and the last part of the teaching with Tenga Rinpoche was held outside in the sun. Afterwards, we went on a mini-pilgrimage and visited several holy places, pujas and caves where extra-ordinary yogis had been meditating.


With Nora, my dharma-sister


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