Magic Reiki men & self-healing

I barely knew what Reiki was a few weeks ago but everyone’s talking about it here. It’s a palm-healing technique using cosmic energy or life force energy that we can share by placing our palms on different points of the body. I was a little bit skeptical but then a friend tried it on me and my tummy ache and it seemed to work. And then my friend Paul got sick and I went with him to the Reiki master in the village and he healed him. It took 30 minutes. So crazy. I know it’s hard to believe but I was there and it did work.

Another incredible healing experience was my first day in Pokhara. I was in a awful state with terrible asthma. Devika wanted to try out some self-healing on me that first morning when I arrived and after a little bit of finger pressing she could increase and then get rid off my asthma attac. It was crazy!! She have made it again after that. The even crazier thing is that I was a smoker (big-time) until that morning. I suspect that she might accidentally have removed my nicotine addiction.


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