Nature weekend

We went back to the hidden place in the the mountains for a two night camping. We went off friday afternoon and a 3 hour mountain-bike ride later (first time ever on MB) we arrived tired and exhausted. It was impossible to bike on the so called road and this farmers son gave us a ride the last bit on his tractor. We find the perfect little spot with a hut where we could keep our bags and rolled out our sleeping bags in the grass. No time to rest since it was almost sunset and we had to run around and collect fire-wood.

If you’re in the Himalayas where it gets very chilly in the nights, you need to know how to make a fire! Not as complicated as I thought it was gonna be. But always good to have an expert with you if it’s the first time. Martin only see the fun in teaching ex-nature-allergic city girls these things. Well, that was after he came over the chock that I’ve never been on a Mountain-bike and had no idea what shiftings was or how to use them 🙂

Me and my argentinian poncho like stone-hopping in the mornings

Breakfast on the rocks after morning meditation

And then swimming and sun-bathing the rest of the day.


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