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Contact Impulse Dancing

May 31, 2011

Me, Natta and Channon spent the afternoon in the park practicing yoga and impulse contact dance. It was so much fun, we were just messing around and rolling around on the grass. Completely crazy. I’ve never been lifted before and the feeling was great. Our impulse contact ended with some basic brazilian capoeira (martial arts dance) that I also tried out in Nepal.


Phuongs in town

May 31, 2011

I’m so happy, my friend Phuong is in Bangkok and she’s gonna stay here for a while. I met her as soon as she landed and we had wine and a stroll around town. She lives in the fancier part of the city so a little bit cleaner, bigger streets and less trashy than my usual Bkk round.

Hot Humid Shanti Evenings

May 31, 2011

The long hot evenings at Shanti BKK is mostly spent with the guys discussing the pole shift and how the world will be affected when the equator goes through different countries after the 21st of December 2010  🙂 Or religions, or yoga, or fruit, or traveling, sometimes it’s the same faces around the table, sometimes someone new shows up on his way to somewhere…


Back in Bangkok

May 30, 2011

I’m back in Bangkok and the city of cockroaches again. Yuuck!!! They are everywhere. I’m not scared of them, mostly disgusted. They always show up when the dark comes.

Monks and beggar bowls

May 29, 2011

Every morning Wat Pho starts her day by preparing rice for the monks that pass by her farm and begs for food. This morning, I would get the honorable task of handing over the rice. In Thailand, it means good luck to feed the monks, Wat Pho explained to me. She gave me the big bowl and filled it with white rice and I sat down in the grass outside her kitchen at sun-rise and waited for the monks arrival. They came walking slowly in a row and they looked down at the ground the whole time to not make eye contact with me. I poured rice into their beggar bowls with the big tree spoon and afterwards I bent down on my knees on the muddy road and put my hands in prayer in front of my chest. This is the way of thanking the monks. According to buddhism, normal people have to thank the monks for giving them the opportunity of feeding them, not the other way around. I closed my eyes and the monks said a mantra. It was all over within a couple of minutes and I went back to What Po’s kitchen and helped her make breakfast. A giving start of the day..

National Park

May 29, 2011

The National Park and the the 7 tiered waterfalls is just two hours away on a bike. The park was empty on people and I followed a trail into the forest. I would lie if I would say that I wasn’t slightly scared going in there completely alone. Being in the quiet of nature can be the most healing for the soul but it can also be very scary. I know I would have panicked if a big snake or animal would have come and I don’t have the guts to kill them with a stick like Wat Pho did the day before. I was trying to stay calm but this is by far one of the craziest things I’ve done. I took a deep breath and picked up a stick and followed the sign to the trail. I grew up in a city and I was never a nature freak. I followed the trail strictly to not get lost. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people getting lost and never found in the rain forests and didn’t want to become one of them.

Amazing trees, I’ve never seen so big ones before.

The waterfall.

In the Rainforest

May 29, 2011

One of the ladies at the farm was cool enough to borrow us her bike and we went around discovering the area. The view was just WOW. So quiet around and almost no people eithe

The Farm

May 29, 2011

I had a delicious breakfast with Wat Po before she showed me around on the farm. I always eat the Paradise Porridge in Bangkok at Shanti and she made me the same one, just better. Banana/coconut/honey porridge is the best. She even showed me how to make it myself. Ps. she’s very against smoking & drinking and it’s not allowed at her place.


The organic farm where she grows all the veggies that are used for cooking at the different Shanti locations. All the meals in the restaurants at Shanti Bangkok where I eat every day is coming from these acres of land.


Thanks to Martin and everything he teached me about organic farming, I didn’t feel like a completely lost city girl on the farm (even if I was/ still am one).



Apart from all the veggoes, there’s also a big garden with fruit trees. Endless mangoes, bananas, papaya and thai fruits I’m not too familiar with (yes, not even me..who is obsessed by fruits knew what some of the fruits were or the names of them). Like this fruit for example:

Bungalow Living

May 29, 2011

The bungalows at the farm was very basic but oh so cute. It was love at first sight. I could have stayed much longer just because of the bungalows.


Back to bucket-showering again : ) But this was a luxurious version of the bucket showers at Vipassana. Ice-cold though.


Even with the mosquito net, I had about 50 different types of species in my room. I woke up with hundreds of small ants in the bed and my legs covered in mosquito bites.

On the road

May 29, 2011

The way to the forest was way more complicated than I thought it would be. First a two hour bus-ride to the Kanchanaburi, then a minivan to another village to change to a jeep that would take us all the way out to the rain-forest. Only problem is that we didn’t find any kind of transportation the last bit so had to ask two thai men to take us. They didn’t mind as long as we didn’t mind  that they would take a longer route to drop off things along the way. More exact, 20 stops along the way, on a bumpy road that later turned into a very bumpy, very uncomfortable 4 hours ride on a dirt-“road”.  The whole trip took about 10 hours.




The way there we saw this house on the lake, hidden in the jungle, wow!


Welcome to the Shanti Farm, I’m Wat Po, I’ll take care of you in a minute, first I just need to kill this 1 meter long snake with my stick!! Ohh, my!