Bye bye Pokhara

It feels so strange that I’m leaving Pokhara after three months here. Three months of eating daal bat (almost) every day. I love Pokhara. There’s too many good things here to not completely fall in love with the place. I decided to take a proper fare-well of it and I woke up early and had a walk along the beautiful Fewa lake, even more beautiful really early in the morning. I sat in a cafe with my friend Nicole and drank chai for hours (she runs Sapana Nepal,check it out at, I’ve been cruising around on a motor-bike, got high on a roof-top (oops, did I just write that), passed by my ladies at the woman center to say bye and just run up and down the streets of Pokhara running errands. My friend Paul managed to get me a really cheap fly ticket to Kathmandu so I’m gonna fly there for the first time. I normally do the 8 hpurs bus-ride but I’m honestly so fed up with it and besides, there are strikes all over town and there’s a pretty big chance the bus drivers will join in with the strike too.

Had one last roti and tarkari, home made by Dev’s mom….

…and a last supper with Devika and her boyfriend Hamilton. He’s a really cool guy too!! We were actually more people on the dinner. Three couples and then me. That’s when I realized that I’m that odd single girl or something..


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