In Kathmandu

I took the domestic flight for the first time here. First I had to answer questions from half of the departure hall in Pokhara about my origin. It was so weird, I looked so Nepali, how could it be possible if I wasn’t? Why did I look Nepali when in fact I’m not? Very strange. Conclusion: I must have been Nepali in My previous life. The ladies seemed very satisfied with that. It was a hmm very interesting ride. I got a sea-sick feeling. It was like the plane was sailing through the sky. It was such a weird feeling. The plane only took 10 passengers and I honestly thought we were gonna crash the whole way. I was more chocked than relived when we finally landed.

Ok, so it’s my 4th time in Kathmandu since end february and I’m not even fond of the city. It’s nothing wrong with it, but I just have a hard time breathing when I’m here, all the pollution and all the people and cars and traffic and everything is just so overwhelming and can be really stressful after the calm and fresh nature air of Pokhara. I had one last daal bat in a small tibetan family run restaurant and just wandered around on the busy streets for hours. It’s all the same after a while. Small shops that all sell the same things.

Had some Nepali street food. Puffed chili rice.


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