Friendly reunion, Bangkok

I missed my friends in Bangkok so much and I was so incredibly happy to meet up with the Yoga-teacher maffia: David, Joy and Jenny for lunch. My first thai meal in a long time and the guys ordered in all kind of stuff and we just shared it. I got all the updates from everyones lives and we just had so much to catch up on. It was only six months ago I saw them but it feels like so much have happened in that short time. Best when you hang out with locals is that you end up in cool local places where no tourists go : ) and the food is just amazing. It’s so nice being back in Bangkok.

Joy and “It’s Yoga David” giving me alllll the updates from the Yoga world

Me & beautiful Jenny

Several tea-pots and gossiping & bitching for hours with my very own Ace at the trendy Cabbage & Condoms (notice the lamp made out of condoms to the left)


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