I’m laughing while writing this, but It was really not funny while it happened. So, I wake up in time and arrive at the airport in Kathmandu, check in and go and wait in the departure hall. There’s 5 small gates and I go to the first one and on the handwritten paper (yes, hand-written, not a electronic board) I see that this is the right gate for the Delhi flight. Good! I sit down and me and a girl are chatting happily and talking and she tells me that she was supposed to fly yesterday but all fights to Delhi was cancelled and everyone from yesterday was put on this flight. Nothing weird about that. To make things clear: people who had booked with other airlines was all flying with this extra flight to Delhi. I only booked my  ticket 2 days ago and guessed they had a extra seat on this spare flight. At the last check, just before bordering the flight, the security man looks at my ticket and says “not this flight, go to gate 4”. What?? I start to panic. I go to the right gate, but too late. My flight took off 5 minutes earlier. I ask why they didn’t ask for me on the speakers. Well, they didn’t have any speakers, so they went around and asked for a Mr Abbas. They assumed I was a man and asked a few men if they were Mr Abbas. Great! So I had missed my flight and we’re discussing whose fault it is. I’m trying to tell them it’s booths fault. I was at the wrong gate but they knew I was checked in and I didn’t think they had sincerely tried to find me. Kathmandus Int dept are not big. There’s one cafe, one toilet, one big room and three smaller ones, like the size of my living room, gaaaahhh! Can they please put me on the flight I accidentally was about to border? Nope, they could not do that, even though there was seats left on this very special “extra flight”. I would have to fly tomorrow. But they could not issue a new ticket, I had to go into the city to do that cause NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON AT THE AIRPORT HAD THE AUTHORITY TO CHANGE A TICKET!!!! I was going nuts. And the fee to change the ticket was almost the price of the ticket. So with a new room for the night and taxi and everything it would even be more. I was so frustrated. Someone mentioned a direct flight to Bangkok later the same day, but to book it at the airport was gonna coast $700 and to book it from the travel agency 3 minutes walk from the airport would coast me $300, which did not make sense. There’s no internet on the whole airport, no wifi (no kidding) so couldn’t check flights. I walk over to the travel agency and ask about this ticket. I also borrow a PC from waaayyyy before Internet had been introduced to the world and this flight did not exist when I searched for it. So weird. I would just have to trust this guy. I bought the ticket and everything went fine after that. But what a day!!


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