In Bangkok

I’m finally in Bangkok and it was a minor chock just going through the airport. After being in a veeery un-eveloped country for so long Bangkok was so over-whealming. I’m sure I didn’t have that reaction the last time I was here. Modern roads, real roads for that matter, high buildings, everything was just sooo wooow! It’s nice to be able to be amazed by things like this even if you’ve already been to the place before. I was too tired and too lazy to really do anything else but check in to a guest house on Khao San Road. It’s an awful place. It stands for everything I’m against. But it’s really cheap. I’m gonna stay here one night and then look for a cool place somewhere else. For you who are not familiar with this place: it’s the back-packer heaven. Terrible. I’m no back-packer and I certainly don’t belong here. I’ve seen three “Same, Same” t’s within 10 minutes. Time to leave!

I know it’s a excuse and I really should have know better than go there since I know what it’s all about. But my back-pack was so heavy. It was 28 kg on my back and my legs was shaking when I was walking and this is The guest-house area. Too bad for me I’m such a good packer (I’ve done it a few times) so I know all the tricks to how to squeeze in as much as possible. The result was unfortunately a heavier bag than I could carrie. I had to say bye to my collection of 5 kg heavy, perfectly put together travel library that I got from a second hand bookshop in Kathmandu. I sent them home along with some other things I could not bare to throw away. Everything with holes in had to go!

A little more quiet street just off Khao San Road, such a quite hippie bus serving cocktails.

I got my first fresh coconut since I came to Asia. No such thing like coconuts in Nepal so I’m going nuts here over everything you can have. Let the coconut addiction/ over-doing begin.


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