Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak weekend market is a must when in Bangkok. Last time I was here I was walking around it for hours and just before I had to leave because of dinner plans, I found the amazing vintage department. So this time, I came in time and went straight to the vintage area to look for cool pieces. I barely have any clothes with me, and the few thick Himalaya clothes I had, had to go! You’ll find everything from hand-made native american accessories in soft leather and suede to collecting objects, old concert T’s, loads of Levi’s cut-offs, dresses and so much more. Really worth to check out. If not for shopping, then for the atmosphere. There’s loads of food and drink stands and many ppl stroll around there just for the sake of it.

Many un-familar things to try out. We had some Tamarind Ice tea & Coconut water spiced up with Butterfly Pea (whatever that is). It tasted really good, but the color was really weird. I’m very open for new things as long as it’s not dog meat hot-dogs or fried cockroaches.

I got a new pair of vintage cut-offs to get me through the hot days. I’m used to Nepal and the non-showing skin culture, which means no bare legs. I’m starting to get over that now. Thailand is just not like that.


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