Monks and beggar bowls

Every morning Wat Pho starts her day by preparing rice for the monks that pass by her farm and begs for food. This morning, I would get the honorable task of handing over the rice. In Thailand, it means good luck to feed the monks, Wat Pho explained to me. She gave me the big bowl and filled it with white rice and I sat down in the grass outside her kitchen at sun-rise and waited for the monks arrival. They came walking slowly in a row and they looked down at the ground the whole time to not make eye contact with me. I poured rice into their beggar bowls with the big tree spoon and afterwards I bent down on my knees on the muddy road and put my hands in prayer in front of my chest. This is the way of thanking the monks. According to buddhism, normal people have to thank the monks for giving them the opportunity of feeding them, not the other way around. I closed my eyes and the monks said a mantra. It was all over within a couple of minutes and I went back to What Po’s kitchen and helped her make breakfast. A giving start of the day..


One Response to “Monks and beggar bowls”

  1. travelwithiman Says:

    and you felt honoured? I think I would! Johan S

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