On the road

The way to the forest was way more complicated than I thought it would be. First a two hour bus-ride to the Kanchanaburi, then a minivan to another village to change to a jeep that would take us all the way out to the rain-forest. Only problem is that we didn’t find any kind of transportation the last bit so had to ask two thai men to take us. They didn’t mind as long as we didn’t mind  that they would take a longer route to drop off things along the way. More exact, 20 stops along the way, on a bumpy road that later turned into a very bumpy, very uncomfortable 4 hours ride on a dirt-“road”.  The whole trip took about 10 hours.




The way there we saw this house on the lake, hidden in the jungle, wow!


Welcome to the Shanti Farm, I’m Wat Po, I’ll take care of you in a minute, first I just need to kill this 1 meter long snake with my stick!! Ohh, my!


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