The Farm

I had a delicious breakfast with Wat Po before she showed me around on the farm. I always eat the Paradise Porridge in Bangkok at Shanti and she made me the same one, just better. Banana/coconut/honey porridge is the best. She even showed me how to make it myself. Ps. she’s very against smoking & drinking and it’s not allowed at her place.


The organic farm where she grows all the veggies that are used for cooking at the different Shanti locations. All the meals in the restaurants at Shanti Bangkok where I eat every day is coming from these acres of land.


Thanks to Martin and everything he teached me about organic farming, I didn’t feel like a completely lost city girl on the farm (even if I was/ still am one).



Apart from all the veggoes, there’s also a big garden with fruit trees. Endless mangoes, bananas, papaya and thai fruits I’m not too familiar with (yes, not even me..who is obsessed by fruits knew what some of the fruits were or the names of them). Like this fruit for example:


One Response to “The Farm”

  1. Ace Pittapan Says:

    The fruits you were curious with is Jack Fruit. You may found it selling on some street in Bangkok.

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