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June 30, 2011

We’re staying in a Art Hostel here in Prague and the place feels more like Berlin than Prague. Until we walk out of the door. Prague is just so beautiful. Everyone says that, but I would never have thought that Czechoslovakia would be this impressive. The narrow streets and the beautiful architecture gives the city a very special character. We walk exactly everywhere, take rests in the beautiful park when we get to tired and stroll around the piazzas when the sun goes down.

Our Andy Warhol inspired dorm. In a girly way.


The  blue color on the sky was just magical. Impressive architecture


The piazza in the old town


Train in Europe

June 28, 2011

The view between Berlin and Prague was fantastic. I can’t understand why I never took the train in Europe before…

We took the train from Berlin to Prague, the first time I ever take the train in Europe. I’ve been driving around every time we have been exploring europe. Germany is such a beautiful country, the nature is just stunning and the mountains impressive. It all looks like “The sound of Music”. We meet a older german man who gives us a long lesson in German nature life and every possible tip for saving energy to be able to save the slowly dying planet. We drink wine and admire the view from the window till we get to Prague.

East Berlin

June 28, 2011

The yoga festival is over and we have moved from the west  to the east-side of the city. Berlin is best described as pure cool and the west side of the city is where everything happens. Bars and pubs, small up-and-coming brands, art-galleries, cafe’s, loads of organic green restaurants, food from every corner of the world, colors and yoga studios. We  got so many free yoga vouchers at the festival so we’ve been trying out as many as we have time for. Our favorite was without doubt the Jivamukti studio that originates in NYC. Yoga + Music is there trademark and the owners are doing everything in their power to encourage vegetarism and veganism. We also had time to go and see the cool Salvadore Dali exhibition and got a over-dose of spanish surrealism. My former fashion genes got me to the Musueum the Fotografie and Helmuts Newton polaroid exhibition. He used to be one of my favorite photographers when I was in my little fashion world and it was really fun to see so much of his amazing works. We had to stop ourselves from not going nuts and shop in the bookstore that had every possible book by Tachen I’ve been dreaming of having in my book-shell. Among all the fashion books I found my friend Yvan’s latest one. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been so into asia and my own little world the last year that I had totally missed that he even launched a new book. I had mixed feelings in the store, mostly proud over Yvan and he’s talent. He’s the best street-style photographer and he catches cool creative people from all over the world. A very style inspiring book.


At Salvadore Dali


Dining at The Yogi Shack with my sisters friends


East-side gallery, the biggest out-door gallery in the world..impressive art along the Berlin wall


Many bars and restaurants in our cool neighborhood 


We found this place by accident. It’s a artificial beach with sand and a cool bar and everything just at the berlin wall. It’s very hidden to keep tourists away. We spend the whole evening there with some swedish ppl we met earlier during the day. 

Berlin Yoga Festival

June 26, 2011

Acro-yoga workshop

The 103 year old Swami Yogananda

I’m at my first Yoga Festival ever. A long weekend in the cultural park in west Berlin filled with lots of different yoga styles, workshops, indian Ayurvedic cooked food, music, lots of stands with fun yoga accessories to shop and happy yoga-nized people. The energy is just great and I keep meeting so much interesting people. High-light of the weekend was Virya Yoga with Swedish Josefine and the very special yoga class with the 103 year old Swami Yogananda. A relaxing and re-energizing weekend filled with moon greetings, ayur-vedic teachings, kirtan concerts, mantras, chakra-asana workshops, gong meditation and of course the super fun acro-yoga class. I was even lucky enough to receive a blessing from a indian guru 🙂

Many food stands serving organic vegeterian food. My favourite food-stall was the indian ayurvedic

Afternoon shanting in the tent…it was Nepal all over again for me. We went nuts

Enjoying my palak paneer after a long day of several workshops

Stockholm City

June 16, 2011

There’s nothing like coming home, to breath fresh swedish air, to walk on newly cut swedish grass in the park, to wake up with the sun shining and the smells and sounds of being home..the joy of meeting people you missed so much..I’m happy to be home.


Tyfoid Fever

June 15, 2011

I got Tyfoid fever and had to get back to Europe until I recover :/  After lying in bed for three days with 24 hour drop hanging from my arm I decided that I want to be in a more organized environment (think hospital). I have been soo lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends who’s been taking good care of me (never take these things for granted). The doctors can’t make up their mind and think it might be dengue fever and not tyfoid, but I still want to relax in Europe a few weeks, see my family and friends and get my energy back before I come back to Asia.

Koh Rong

June 14, 2011

A three hour boat ride from Sahanoukville, you’ll find Koh Rong. It’s a beautiful island with only a few bungalows for rent.


I’ve never seen whiter sand than this. It was like coming to paradise


There’s absolutely nothing to do there except for swimming, chilling, relaxing. I only got one day here before I got tyfoid fever and had to get back to the main-land

Bamboo Island

June 13, 2011

We ended up choosing Bamboo Island. Beige sand, turquoise water and green jungle.

Our very basic bungalow

We got a few bags of weed before leaving Sihanoukville

We were only 25 people on the island and we all spent the afternoon cleaning the beach. A american couple had noticed how dirty the other side of the beach was and they all gathered us for some cleaning hours. The bar gave out beer to everyone who helped out and some girls who just finished their massage course offered massages to everyone who cleaned. Everyone filled at least 2 big bags of junk (mostly plastic, ughh) that other people have left behind. It’s too bad some holidayers don’t care about keeping it clean. The bags was handed over to some locals that would sort everything out and sell it.

Long, lazy days on the beach, in the sea, playing beach-volleyball, cards, chatting 🙂


June 13, 2011

Tired of the heat and exhausted after a full day at the temples, I run into my first swedish so far (if you don’t count a few minutes meeting with a trekker in Nepal back in February). He’s even crazier than me and also very tired of the hot days in Siem Reap. So we packed our bags and jumped on the night bus to get down to Sihanoukville and the sea.


10 hours on the bus was so worth it when you’re met by this:


There’s many islands to choose from and our group had expanded during the bus-ride. We were now six people and we tried to research the best place to go.

Ta Prohm

June 13, 2011

Angkor Wat may be the most famous temples in the area but Ta Prohm was by far the most impressive. How the trees was growing, the size of them, the whole setting. I was just so amazed. I walked around there forever and got lost. A must see!