Border crossing> Siem Reap

I finally forced myself to leave Bangkok and take the bus to the Thai/ Cambodian border that only re-opened their border-crossing a month ago after the fightings that have been going on there calmed down. This over-land crossing have very bad reputation and many ppl have been scammed here etc. One of the guys I was with even had to pay some unknown extra fee. They wouldn’t give him a visa if he didn’t pay them extra money. It was very little, but still. ¬†Apparently Thai and Cambodians are fighting over some temples at the border. Where is the world going when two buddhistic countries are fighting over holy temples?

Siem Reap is touristy in a very tacky way and very far from what I expected it to be. Not too exciting and way too hot. The tuc-tuc drivers are driving me insane and everyone is trying to sell you something.


It’s such a small world: I got to know Chen in Nepal, run into her in Bangkok a few weeks later and was surprised to see her and Levi again in Siem Reap.


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