Berlin Yoga Festival

Acro-yoga workshop

The 103 year old Swami Yogananda

I’m at my first Yoga Festival ever. A long weekend in the cultural park in west Berlin filled with lots of different yoga styles, workshops, indian Ayurvedic cooked food, music, lots of stands with fun yoga accessories to shop and happy yoga-nized people. The energy is just great and I keep meeting so much interesting people. High-light of the weekend was Virya Yoga with Swedish Josefine and the very special yoga class with the 103 year old Swami Yogananda. A relaxing and re-energizing weekend filled with moon greetings, ayur-vedic teachings, kirtan concerts, mantras, chakra-asana workshops, gong meditation and of course the super fun acro-yoga class. I was even lucky enough to receive a blessing from a indian guru 🙂

Many food stands serving organic vegeterian food. My favourite food-stall was the indian ayurvedic

Afternoon shanting in the tent…it was Nepal all over again for me. We went nuts

Enjoying my palak paneer after a long day of several workshops


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