East Berlin

The yoga festival is over and we have moved from the west  to the east-side of the city. Berlin is best described as pure cool and the west side of the city is where everything happens. Bars and pubs, small up-and-coming brands, art-galleries, cafe’s, loads of organic green restaurants, food from every corner of the world, colors and yoga studios. We  got so many free yoga vouchers at the festival so we’ve been trying out as many as we have time for. Our favorite was without doubt the Jivamukti studio that originates in NYC. Yoga + Music is there trademark and the owners are doing everything in their power to encourage vegetarism and veganism. We also had time to go and see the cool Salvadore Dali exhibition and got a over-dose of spanish surrealism. My former fashion genes got me to the Musueum the Fotografie and Helmuts Newton polaroid exhibition. He used to be one of my favorite photographers when I was in my little fashion world and it was really fun to see so much of his amazing works. We had to stop ourselves from not going nuts and shop in the bookstore that had every possible book by Tachen I’ve been dreaming of having in my book-shell. Among all the fashion books I found my friend Yvan’s latest one. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been so into asia and my own little world the last year that I had totally missed that he even launched a new book. I had mixed feelings in the store, mostly proud over Yvan and he’s talent. He’s the best street-style photographer and he catches cool creative people from all over the world. A very style inspiring book.


At Salvadore Dali


Dining at The Yogi Shack with my sisters friends


East-side gallery, the biggest out-door gallery in the world..impressive art along the Berlin wall


Many bars and restaurants in our cool neighborhood 


We found this place by accident. It’s a artificial beach with sand and a cool bar and everything just at the berlin wall. It’s very hidden to keep tourists away. We spend the whole evening there with some swedish ppl we met earlier during the day. 

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