In the Army

I spent a week in the swedish army. I’m all about peace so you might wonder what I was doing in the army, but they are also all about peace. They’re fighting for peoples right to live in peace.

Life in uniform is very hard to describe unless you have tried it yourself. It’s very strict rules and a very disciplined life.

I met amazing people who one day will become great soldiers šŸ™‚

Long days in the hot sun with the heavy uniform and everything that came along with it..

What finally made me leave was the fact that I’m so against weapons. I understand why a soldier need a weapon and that it’s more about protecting than just killing, but I simply couldn’t. It’s easier said than done, but when I was standing with the heavy Ak4 in my hands, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’m too against killing, even if it’s for protection or for peace. One of my rules in life is to never do anything I can’t stand up for. And this is one of these things. I had an internal battle before giving up cause I really loved the green life, but some things you just need to sacrifice. I had to quit the course cause I don’t want to ever be able to kill or have the knowledge of how to do it. Apart from the weapon story, I’m very grateful I attended the course. I learned so much and I got a very good inside pic of how the life of a soldier is.

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