Ramadan on the streets, Alexandria

It’s ramadan now, the month of fast and prayers for muslims and no-one is eating or drinking during day-time. I am not fasting but are trying to show some respect by not eating in front of people. I’ve noticed that specially elders can get very upset when you eat something and they are trying to make you fast and starts preaching about god, islam, heaven & hell and why drinking that sip of water is bad for you. So to avoid all that, I’m just sneaking out when I’m eating.

Muslim Brotherhood had taken over Alexandria and they are organizing what they call Ramadan Street Prayers. Millions of people are gathered on the streets every evening from 20-02 and just pray for a few hours. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s impossible to walk around like normal cause there is prayer mats and specially men everywhere. People have come from many other surrounding arab countries to be able to pray as close as possible to the big church here in Alex. Manal lives very close to that church and it’s impossible to get out because of the prayers. We have to quickly sneak out when they are having their snack-break and we can not return to the house until they are finished.


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