Petra, Jordan

Petra, one of the worlds seven wonders, is also one of the most impressing (I’ve seen a few). We started off very early on a horse-back and then hiked through the ancient city that was carved into the rocks. Walking bare-foot through the sandstone red mountains, we made it  to the breathtaking temple. It’s amazing what man can create. Built in the early 1st century, the massive treasury is 30m wide and 43m high.

The Victorian traveler and poet Dean Burgon gave Petra a description which holds to this day -“Match me such a marvel save in Eastern clime, a rose-red city half as old as time.” Yet words can hardly do justice to the magnificence that is Petra.


One Response to “Petra, Jordan”

  1. Johan Says:

    sjyyst!! o se de igen o se att du verkligen va där!! ja älskade med Petra o hela området!! av att ha rest ett halvår som ja gjorde minns ja fortfarande byn som nåt av d mest imponerande!! lite skoj att du som rest så mycke mer än mej åkte till Petra som va vårt första stora resmål! 😉 o rätt skojit me Iman att du valde o göra svävande skräddarställningen med som ja brukar göra när ja ska viga mej! 😀 😀 kraam!

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