Yoga Maffia,

I was meeting up with my yoga friends to practice and share the energy of a saturday yoga class together when Joy suggested us to do 108 sun salutations instead. It sounded much easier than it was. It’s amazing how you can do things you didn’t think you could and the mat once again proves itself to be a place where magic does happen. And when things like this can happen during yoga, they surely do in daily life too. Practicing different things in yoga is to learn that we can do more than we think, we learn patience, we learn that continually practice can get you where you want to be. It also teaches you to be nice to yourself, to never force you into anything your not ready for or aren’t’ confident with. Yoga is a practice of life, and to be able to share this practice with great friends, old friends and even new friends is a bliss. Thanks everyone who participated in the 108 sun salutations and shared amazing energy together. 108 sun salutations because 108 is the secret number of the body and it releases so much tension and energy. It’s very mediative and it works very well as a purification method. Afterwards you’ll feel greater than ever (the aching thighs and legs comes the day after).


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