Me, Me, Me

I’m just so sick and tired of meeting travelers that just talk about themselves constantly. You don’t even ask them anything or seem interested but it’s like they’ve been locked in a cave for weeks and you are the first person they run into and they have so much to tell you. So annoying, so time-consuming, energy-stealing. I even left a vegan cooking class in Bangkok because of a american guy coming in too late to sit next to me and just talk about himself. Did it ever cross he’s little mind that no-one cares where he’s been, where’s he’s going, details about his trips, just random information about himself. No-one answered, no-one even cared but he just kept going. Not only travelers do this. A woman in a yoga class in India did something very similar but almost worse. She inturrepted me in my meditation to ask where I was from (only to be able to start a dialogue) and then just kept talking about her daughter that moved to London and have a very fine degree in who cares. I just laid down in Savasana closing my eyes to give her a hint about me not wanting to talk. She didn’t get it, at all! When I went quit and stopped answering, she just continued about her daughter again. Crazy!! I don’t know what’s wrong with people sometimes.


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