Majnu Ta Killa

Majnu Ta Killa is a heaven compared to central delhi. In fact, anything is a heaven compared to the city that some gods -if not all of them- must have forgotten. This is in the outskirts and the neighborhood is actually a tibetan refugee camp. Well, I love Tibetans, I love Tibetan food, they are clean and calm (read not screaming) very harmonic buddhists and the energy in the place is just very calming. After getting my first plate of Momo’s (steamed veg dumplings Tibetan style) we explored the little area and the temple there. Everywhere there’s articles and printouts about the situation in Tibet (that’s just getting worse) and the monk who put fire on himself as a statement against everything. All I have to say about this is that I truly wish Tibet will be free someday. How can we call us humans and still contribute with so much suffering to the world. How can we harm each other this way? Free Tibet!!!!!


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