About me

I’m a globe trotting/ travel junkie 20-something swedish-born egyptian with extremely happy and enthusiastic hungry-for-life energy running through my genes, through my curly un-brushed messy hair and my travelers feet. I’m a positive, talk-active, confused, sometimes brave and sometimes frightened young women, a lady, a daughter, a sister, a friend (maybe yours even) a dreamer, a lover, a world traveller.  This blog is my way of sharing my travel experiences and everything that comes along with it in my seek for ultimate freedom and happiness. And of course the obvious: too see more of the beautiful planet Tellus before humanity destroys it completely.

I’m a female traveller who is rounding the world for the second time in my life. I have been on 6 continents and about 45 countries so far and I still don’t feel that I have seen enough. My travels around the globe have got me surfing in Barbados, horse-back riding in the rain forests of Puerto Rico, sailing in the Virgin Islands, swimming with dolphins in Bahamas, smoked room-serviced marijuana in Jamaica, explored the ancient Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico, walking through the avenues of NYC, pretending to ski in Aspen, road tripping in the states which lead us to the land of amish in Salt Lake City, crossing the Golden Gate in San Francisco, gamble away the night in the casinos of Las Vegas, helicopter riding in Grand Canyon, long LA and Hollywood nights, partying till dawn in Miami, riding on the Jurassic Park hills of Hawaii,  skydiving and bungy-jumping and all things adrenaline in New Zealand to the less extreme biking over the Sydney Bridge in Australia, indulging in the unbelievable beauty of Maldives, having a culture-chock in colorful India, completing a Yoga Certificate in Thailand, chilling out in Vietnam,  taking the bus from Malaysia to Singapore to find myself in Tokyo fashion week in Japan, exploring the diversities of Hong-Kong, volunteer working in Nepal and exploring 10 days of silence meditation in a Vipassana center, exploring South Africa’s cape-town and beaches, the luxurious culture of rich arabs in Dubai and Qatar, admiring the pyramids and camel-riding in the desert of Egypt, bargain through the markets of Marocco, soul-searching in Seychelles, jumping in to the Iguazu waterfalls of Argentina, admired the glaciers of Patagonia, played the girl from Ipanema in Brazil and went nuts in Uruguway. I’ve done most of my home continent Europe by boat, air and road-tripping and keep on coming back to the cities of Paris, London, Milano for more. I lived within the gamble community of Malta for a few years and squeezed in a fashionable year in pasta-land (Italy).

Apart from traveling, I also love to practice Ashtanga Yoga and is holding a Ashtanga Yoga Teacher certificate. My hobbies are nutrition and Ayurveda in particular. I believe  red wine and dark chocolate is gods gift to woman. And eating honey everyday is giving you a daily dose of love. I love living in a back-pack and I’m not yearning for a newly renovated kitchen. I love to read and write (blog) and are a dharma practitioner (also labeled Buddhist in the west). I have a flexible mind but a even flexier body. I’m against chemical medicines and I believe herbs can cure everything from a cold to a broken heart. I’m trying to find a balance of my notorious health addiction and trying to be more moderate. I’m a vegetarian. I hope you are too. I hope all my readers are aware of the fact that meat-eaters are causing world hunger. I don’t want to have world starvation on my conscious. Just a quick FYI: all the corn that are grown around the world and are fed to two billion cows could be used to feed the hungry people of the world instead. But as long as the rich can eat meet, the poor is gonna starve. Enjoy your steak!!  I love my accessories and have a great impressive collection that is from all over the world, from flea markets to designer costume accessories to vintage and second hand pieces. I’m very fascinated by style and like to observe the different fashions and trends all over the world. I love to read books, anything by Dalai Lama, alternative health and all the classics. I love to indulge in exotic fruits, specially mangos and pineapples. I have to admit that I even changed my travel route to fit in with the mango season in northern India. Just felt like sharing that very unnecessary information with you. But I can do that. Hey, it is my blog and I write whatever I want in it : )

For you who follows me and don’t travel, I hope I’ll manage to awake your inner travel cravings. Cause frankly, there’s nothing better than this. This is freedom. This is for me happiness. I wake up every morning and thank the higher powers for being able to follow and live my dream. I’m never alone, you never are when your traveling. You will meet interesting people, you’ll share knowledge, wisdom and experiences and you will found out things about yourself you could never dream of. You will become a better and more confident version of your self. I want to encourage everyone no matter age or budget to at least once in their life get out their and open up their eyes and see what’s it all about. It’s a wonderful world, so don’t live your life without having seen it. It will change you and it will be scary as hell sometimes, but you will gain something you will never manage to learn by any book, by anyone telling you about it, by any fancy education or career, only by the school of life.

I hope your gonna enjoy following me and my sometimes not too thoughtful maybe even stupid steps around the world. I hope I can inspire you to let go of your fears and follow your dreams. Believe in yourself and do whatever feels right and everything else will just end up in the right way for you. Don’t worry too much, don’t plan too much, let it all come to you. Don’t look for it: weather it’s the dream partner of your life or the best veggie burger. let it find you. Go on and face your fears. Sleep with spiders, take a dip in a beautiful lake, admire the view, appreciate the people you have around you, have fun! Realize that there’s nothing about traveling that should scare you off exploring. You can only win. And remember to smile and be happy. It’s the most important thing in life. I wish you all love, happiness, and a life full of laughter. Treat every moment of your life like a precious jewel and aim to be a good human being.

Peace, Love, and Harmony,



If you have any questions or just feel like writing me, you can either leave a comment on this site or email me at stylebyme.net@gmail.com

2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Ulla Says:

    Wow, mycket verkar ha hänt sen jag senast hörde nåt. Blev lite uppdaterad igår när jag träffade Hager. Är fortfarande i lätt chock. Buddist och Yogaproffs, låter toppen. Volontärarbete? Inte längre aktuellt, eller?
    Och så kärleken…… Jag önskar dig all lycka och framgång. Tråkigt för oss svennar att vi inte får se varken dig eller Hager så ofta men desto roligare när det blir av.

    Massor av kramar/Ulla

  2. Johan Says:

    so happy I already met you sweet and wise Iman!! 🙂 🙂 you truly do motivate me! longing to see you again. hope you have a great time whereever you are right now 🙂 love Johan

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