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July 5, 2011

We arrived in Amsterdam a sunny afternoon and after finding a hostel in the middle of the Wanderlust Park and taking a shower after four days of dirty camping-days, we all felt like brand new personas. My friends Petra and Rebecca from Malta was also in the city and Anna and Camilla from London (ex-malta girls too) flew in as well and I was over the clouds over having my old Malta Unibet girls under the same roof. Surprisingly, the guys wasn’t too disturbed over our loud hysterical re-union and we could hang out. After dinner and drinks we ended up in the red light district and the coffee shops. And the rest you can guess…

Malta Girls


Road Trip

July 4, 2011

I had so much fun with the guys from Vasteras so I joined them on their European Road trip.

Me and Emil are sitting in the back of the car sipping wine and eating chocolate.

We dont’t have a map or Gps so we’re just going after our feeling. We’re on our way to Netherlands and Amsterdam but it’s taking a lot of time. There’s no words to describe our face expressions when we drove by the “Welcome to Belgium” sign. We drove to the wrong country, hilarious!!

Summer Jam Reggae Festival, Cologne

July 3, 2011

I met some swedish guys in Berlin and they were all heading to the biggest Reggae festival in Europe: Summer Jam in Cologne. They talked me into joining them, and I’m not the one to turn down a few days of music, camping and fun. My friend Johan that I was hanging out with in Cambdia flew down from Sweden and we all decided to meet and do the festival. At the air-port in Cologne I ran into one of the bands that was playing: Barrington Levy. They offered me a ride to the festival with a short stop at their hotel. I got high by just sitting in their over-smoked car 🙂 The guys were totally crazy and I laughed hysterically the whole way to the festival.

Barrington Levy’s CLICK!!!

I always liked reggae but I haven’t listened to much, apart from Bob Marley, but I really liked some of the bands here. The festival was so much fun. Me and the guys was running around the festival area, smoking, sipping wine, listening to the music, lying in the grass and hanging out in the camping area.


Barrington Levy on stage the first evening


Antoine, of the guys from the band