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Tyfoid Fever

June 15, 2011

I got Tyfoid fever and had to get back to Europe until I recover :/  After lying in bed for three days with 24 hour drop hanging from my arm I decided that I want to be in a more organized environment (think hospital). I have been soo lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends who’s been taking good care of me (never take these things for granted). The doctors can’t make up their mind and think it might be dengue fever and not tyfoid, but I still want to relax in Europe a few weeks, see my family and friends and get my energy back before I come back to Asia.


Koh Rong

June 14, 2011

A three hour boat ride from Sahanoukville, you’ll find Koh Rong. It’s a beautiful island with only a few bungalows for rent.


I’ve never seen whiter sand than this. It was like coming to paradise


There’s absolutely nothing to do there except for swimming, chilling, relaxing. I only got one day here before I got tyfoid fever and had to get back to the main-land

Bamboo Island

June 13, 2011

We ended up choosing Bamboo Island. Beige sand, turquoise water and green jungle.

Our very basic bungalow

We got a few bags of weed before leaving Sihanoukville

We were only 25 people on the island and we all spent the afternoon cleaning the beach. A american couple had noticed how dirty the other side of the beach was and they all gathered us for some cleaning hours. The bar gave out beer to everyone who helped out and some girls who just finished their massage course offered massages to everyone who cleaned. Everyone filled at least 2 big bags of junk (mostly plastic, ughh) that other people have left behind. It’s too bad some holidayers don’t care about keeping it clean. The bags was handed over to some locals that would sort everything out and sell it.

Long, lazy days on the beach, in the sea, playing beach-volleyball, cards, chatting 🙂


June 13, 2011

Tired of the heat and exhausted after a full day at the temples, I run into my first swedish so far (if you don’t count a few minutes meeting with a trekker in Nepal back in February). He’s even crazier than me and also very tired of the hot days in Siem Reap. So we packed our bags and jumped on the night bus to get down to Sihanoukville and the sea.


10 hours on the bus was so worth it when you’re met by this:


There’s many islands to choose from and our group had expanded during the bus-ride. We were now six people and we tried to research the best place to go.

Ta Prohm

June 13, 2011

Angkor Wat may be the most famous temples in the area but Ta Prohm was by far the most impressive. How the trees was growing, the size of them, the whole setting. I was just so amazed. I walked around there forever and got lost. A must see!


Angkor Wat

June 13, 2011

If you’re in Siem Reap, you have to pay a visit to the Angkor Wat. They are just amazing. The jungle area with all the temples was just massive. It would have taken a week to just walk through it. What surprised me the most was that you were allowed to go exactly everywhere. Nothing was forbidden. So people was crawling all over them and no-one is guarding them or anything. A girl even brought home a piece of the Angkor Wat with her. They should really think over how to protect this precious temples.


Border crossing> Siem Reap

June 13, 2011

I finally forced myself to leave Bangkok and take the bus to the Thai/ Cambodian border that only re-opened their border-crossing a month ago after the fightings that have been going on there calmed down. This over-land crossing have very bad reputation and many ppl have been scammed here etc. One of the guys I was with even had to pay some unknown extra fee. They wouldn’t give him a visa if he didn’t pay them extra money. It was very little, but still.  Apparently Thai and Cambodians are fighting over some temples at the border. Where is the world going when two buddhistic countries are fighting over holy temples?

Siem Reap is touristy in a very tacky way and very far from what I expected it to be. Not too exciting and way too hot. The tuc-tuc drivers are driving me insane and everyone is trying to sell you something.


It’s such a small world: I got to know Chen in Nepal, run into her in Bangkok a few weeks later and was surprised to see her and Levi again in Siem Reap.