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Real time

September 14, 2011

There’s loads of art galleries in Tel Aviv, but at this place, they were showing what people is searching for in google real time. So while we were sitting there, we could view exactly what people were searching for that second. Facebook (well, I could write ten pages about my opinion of that, but I guess it’s part of living in 2011), but Barbie College..eeehhh..


Tel Aviv

September 14, 2011

City life and beach time in Tel Aviv

Vegan cooking class

September 13, 2011

Most of my time in Tel Aviv was spent with Cocovatje and her amazing family. She runs a organic vegan restaurant and she shared some of her knowledge with me. To hang out with Cocovatje doesn’t only teach you how to make amazing lasagna, but she is filled with so much life wisdom. She’s originally from Chicago but lives in a vegan community in Israel where they believe in their own religion and do everything their own way. One of the guys I met had been a vegan since he was born. He had never ever tasted anything un-vegan and thought it was so crazy and un-natural to eat a animal or something that came from it. To quote him “how can someone eat anything that has been bleeding, yuuck”. I didn’t want to leave their amazing little family. They were so nice to me and I learned so much by being around them.

Good morning Jerusalem

September 10, 2011

Sun rise over the holy city of Jerusalem. View from the roof-top where I’ve been living the last two nights. Sleeping under-neath the stars and waking up when the sun says hello. What a beautiful day!

Dome of the Rock

September 9, 2011

Dome of the Rock is build on the same place as Muslims believed that Mohamed the prophet received the Koran.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre: where Christ rose from the dead

September 9, 2011

It’s on this place it was believed that Jesus was crucified.

Jerusalem by night

September 9, 2011

Arrived in Jerusalem in the evening and it felt like I had wandered a few hundred years back in time. The ancient city was lit up and the first stop was the Western or the “Wailing Wall”, the holiest of all the Jewish sites. The western wall plaza is like a open-air synagogue and it was loads of people there praying.

Floating in the Dead Sea

September 8, 2011

I’ve literally been floating in the dead sea the last days. 416 meters below sea level, its the only lake in the world where you can not drown.

Eilat, Red Sea, Israel

September 6, 2011

The red mountains in the back-ground of the red sea. 42 degrees during the day and around 30 in the evening. Jumped into the red-sea at sunset to chill down my body. One day is enough in this uber hot and uber touristic town.

Border-crossing: Aqaba to Eilat

September 6, 2011

Over-land crossing from Jordan to Israel was not as impossible as you thought it would be. I am Swedish after all. But the Israeli officers was not too fond of my Arabic last name and it took a few hours until they let us in to their precious Israel. This is the first time I’ve ever had to answer any kind of questioning before. But they were nice and they were just doing their jobs.